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Embossing Constructive Approaches & Guidelines for Building a Unique Social Media App

The latest Social networking applications are getting massive attention from the professional social media app developers even though it seems that nearly all the social networks possibilities have already been explored. The concept to build a new social media app and new social interactions using the latest mobile technology is not going anywhere soon; therefore it would be helpful to understand slightly about the technology stacks, which popular social media networks rely on.

The most constructive social media application development primarily needs three-tier architecture so, let’s start with understanding the key fundamental features, approaches and tips which actually define a social media app as a social network.

Unveiling the Constructive Approaches & Guidelines for Building a Unique Social Media App:

1.Build Profile-Centric Apps:

Creating a Social Media App

Nearly all popular social media apps are profile-centric and for professional social media app developers, this database having personal details of the social media apps’ users is at the center of social media application development. The simplest approach to build a user profile is through connecting the app to the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc., which users are already making use of. Users can also insert an email and password for signing up, but this makes the process lengthy. Social media profiles are used by individuals to express themselves; therefore an app must deliver some tools which can assist in customizing them. Read on to know this can be done:


  • Custom themes settings for defining the style, content and layout of users’ profile.


  • Hipster image effects.


  • Connects to websites or blogs which a user can add.


  • Unique background colors.


  • Personalized bio along with unique animated options which exhibits user’s interests, food preferences, hobbies, educational qualifications etc.

2. Social Media App Feed:

Social Media Application Development

A feed is important for a social media app to appear engaging to its users. Content which gets displayed in a feed could be either shared by the social media app users as the photos, video, presentations or audios uploaded by the users, user-generated stories or curated by one of the app’s administrators. Sharing the content on a social media app motivates individuals and developers to build and use a social media app. Based on the user’s aims divide the user-generated content which may get appeared in a feed.

3. Build Connections by Using the App:

Social Network Solutions

Whether it is following, friending or unfriending someone, there has to be a proper and defined way for the social media app users to connect with each other. Let us understand how to enable users to build new connections through the app:


  • Content-Centric Connections:- This is no more a secret that “Content is the king”, particularly if it’s about increasing audiences and building lasting relationships. The content amplifies connections in a social media app through its users by sharing and conversing with the content. Different users engage with the content in different ways such as by exploring, admiring, interacting and searching the content. This delivers the professional social media app developers few ideas on the approaches to design feeds while creating a social media app.


  • Public Groups:- Public groups are basically communities which draw together individuals having common values and help them build strong connections with each other. Groups in a social media app can be built around the non-user entities like business enterprises etc., which desire being a part of a social network.


  • Social Events:- If you are thinking of creating a social media app and keep its users stay in touch with reality then, an event-based social media app is the best option. In the era of everything getting digitalized, events are an exceptional opportunity for a social media app to move online interactions ahead into the real world settings.


  • Social Media Networks:- By taking the users permission, connections can be extracted from the popular social media networks. Social media app developers can just send invitations to connect to with their social media network friends that are already registered in the app. Developers can create a page on the desired social media channel for their app on Facebook and make use of it to invite individuals to download their app.

4. Social Media App Backend:

Social Network Development

Your needs for backend social media application development must be based on the preferred performance. Making use of Ruby on Rails or MVC PHP frameworks that can accelerate the development process when fulfilling your needs for social media app performance. You would require thinking about a Linux server with safe access to the managerial dashboard and a load balancing system that can enable you to scale your server infrastructure in real-time considering the load your social media app is expected to maintain.

5. App Database:

Social Networking Design

Talking about the databases, developers can pick between NoSQL databases, PostgreSQL, SQLite or MySQL. Try making use of MySQL or PostgreSQL for your social media application development. NoSQL databases are not designed to support numerous one-to-one and one-to-many entity relationships.

6. App Admin Panel:

Social Networking Website Design

Another important element of the social media application development is the admin panel and its primary purpose is to support the app users. In addition to the user management, the app admin panel can also employ the entity management features for having some control on the user-generated content. Often an app admin panel has a stats page having integrated analytics. Building user behavior logs can offer users with comprehensive insights and analytics. The top social media networks gain a huge portion of money from the understanding of human behavior and statistics. The relevant stats assist the users to gain insights on the social media app’s performance and bring into light new concepts on how to improve your app. To start creating a social media app with lesser risks, commence with a tinier version of the product and then work further your path to the top.

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