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How Can Social Media Developers Build a Successful Social Media Website With the Help of These Effective Coding Techniques?

In the past few years, social media websites have gone main-stream and have massively affected the social media developers across the globe. With the success of several social networking websites design, many app developers have started adopting few practices of social media into their personal websites. It is not at all tough to create your own social media website, through a few latest coding techniques and libraries. Read on to learn some smart coding techniques to assist you develop killer social media websites for yourself and your clientele.

Unveiling the Effective Coding Techniques Which Help Social Media Developers Build Killer Social Media Websites:

Social Media Website Design


  • Unique Activity Streams: Ever since the social media giant, Facebook launched the activity streams to their user profiles, this idea has spread like a wildfire. Individuals often get fascinated with their friend’s activities by knowing each move that their friends make, which boosts user engagement and keep the users glued at the website for a longer period of time. Joomla offers a unique user feed plugin and Drupal also offers an activity stream module which helps social media developers to do this easily.


  • User Verification and User Profiles: There are several different methods to set up a successful user management system and it totally depends on the social media developer’s preference. Whether they will prefer using a pre-made solution or create their own? In what language they will build the social media website? What is the total number of levels of access that their social media website requires? If the developer wish to have a more polished approach to building unique social media website designs then, you may try hands on a Django (python) or CakePHP (PHP) frameworks for developing your authentication system. These frameworks come up with a built-in user authentication and make it convenient to build the website around the user system. Developers that desire spending less time on the user authentication must try a popular CMS such Drupal (PHP) to develop community sites and has several modules for assisting you develop other functionality which you might require on your social media website. Joomla and WordPress can also work wonders to develop social media sites.


  • Invite Your Friends: The sole objective of social media developers to create each social media website is to become massively “viral and for doing this you need to have an “invite your friend” script which channels into your user’s email address book and either helps you locate and link your friends who are the users of the social media website and it invites the friends who are not part of the social media website. Allowing your users endorse your offerings is the most successful type of advertising and is 100% FREE.


  • Personal Messaging: This is another amazing feature which a social media developer should have in their social media website design. This helps in amplifying the communication amongst your website’s users and keeps them coming back to your website. This feature brings an easy layer of functionality which makes communicating through your website quite easier and is already built-in to many CMS scripts. This feature keeps your users happy and chatting with their friends and family.


  • Post Status Updates: Letting the entire world be familiar with what you are doing at a specific time is a popular approach to boost engagement to a website. What is even amazing for the social media developer is that it is quite handy to execute on your system. If you are making use of a CMS like Drupal or Joomla then, it becomes quite simple to make a content type which has a restricted number of characters and allows your friends and you to comment on it.


  • Create an API: This is one of the toughest aspects of an advanced social media website design and starting up your website with a public API for social media developers is a stellar approach to amplify the awareness of your product. An API enables any person to crush-up your data and display it the way they want. The only problem with building an API is that it extra programming, documentation, support requests and many other issues to be faced by the developer. Although, there is a new service which is recently launched-3Scale which enables you to quickly and effortlessly build an API for your social media website.


  • Latest Widgets: A social media website is incomplete without a widget? The latest widgets usually originate from an easy piece of JavaScript or Flash and can be created by using the RSS feeds or API calls. WidgetBox is an amazing website which allows the developers to quickly and easily build a widget. The widget is situated at the center of viral sharing of content in a social media website, which helps bring massive traffic and builds users interest from each corner of the world.


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